Don’t you hate it when you open up a new bag of pretzels or chips only to forget about them and a week later you have stale food? Here is a quick money saving tip: pre-package your treats.

I know it may sound like a hassle and you may be telling yourself, well-this doesn’t happen too often, well try it anyhow. They make these great snack sized baggies that are perfect for this!

Next time you purchase a bag of pretzels, Chex mix, cereal, fruit, or veggies; portion your food into those snack baggies. This is something that kids love to do-after they have clean hands, of course. I really love getting all of our snacks ready to go. In the morning, I can just grab my snacks for the day and I am good to go! This process is great to get into the habit of doing especially if you haves school aged children who take a lunch to school or you brown bag your own lunch (like we do). Your mornings won’t be filled with little chores-the kids can even choose their own goodies.

In addition to having all this work already done for you, you won’t fall into the habit of 10 crumb-filled bags of stale treats all lying around your pantry. Your shelves will be clean and you will never again pick up a bag of chips only to find the crumbs or stale pieces left.

Take some time the next time you open up a bag of treats-portion them out-place them into a container or a shelf and enjoy not having to throw away and waste your food and money.

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