There is nothing worse than getting ready to make yourself a nice grilled cheese on a rainy cold day, only to discover that your bread it moldy!  YUK!  I hate this and it used to happen more than I liked.

We love to make peanut butter toast for a treat almost nightly.  However, that is about the extend of our bread use.  We don’t use it to make lunch sandwiches or have it for breakfast, but it is a staple that we like to have around.  So the problem here is how to keep the bread from going green.  Our solution: refrigerate it.

Growing up, bread was not put in the refrigerator probably because with a house full of kids, bread was used daily.  There was no need to make it last longer or keep it fresh.  Now, with a house of two, we go through a loaf of bread probably every 2-3 weeks.  With keeping  our bread in the fridge,  we don’t have to worry about any green stuff growing.  Our bread stays fresh until we go through it and we can go away for the weekend, knowing that when we come back, we can count on a fresh piece of peanut butter toast to welcome us home.

So if you also have this bread problem, go ahead and keep your bread in the fridge.  Don’t keep it in the crisper drawer or in with your lunch meat, just find a nice litle shelf in which it can hang out and wait for you.

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