With the start of Fall right around the corner, there are several things I am looking forward to include the cool weather, the changing colors of the leaves, and football.  Yes, I admit it, football is ok in my book.  I don’t think I could sit down on the couch and watch a whole game, but I know that it brings happiness to many around the world- including my husband.  One way that I enjoy watching football is if there are people over!  Here are three tips for having your own budget friendly football party.

1. Keep it small
The thing is with large parties, there are usually large messes.  Having a small number of guest (I say anywhere between 4-8) insures that the mess stays under control.  Another nice thing about a small party is everyone can have space.  It is nice when people can sit comfortably and aren’t crammed into your living room like a can of sardines.  If you are having people over, you shouldn’t expect them to stand for the whole game.  Finally and most importantly, smaller number or guests means less cost.  It is as simple as that.

2. Be gracious
Everyone once in a while it is fun to play “host” and wait on your guests like they are the most important ones there.  This little form of generosity catches people off guard and makes them feel good about being in your home.  Go ahead and refill everyone’s drinks at a commercial.  Offer them seconds on that great dip you have around- or better yet-read number three…..

3. Make yummy food
If you are having people over to “watch the game,” chances are they are pretty good friends of yours.  So whether you are having them over for dinner or just some munchies, have something that you know they like.  Remember not to go overboard on the chips and dips- have something a little healthier like roasted red pepper dip with some wheat crackers.  Instead of three bags of chips, make a taco dip.  One thing that I love to do  is have something that can last throughout the night.  A yummy chicken tortilla soup with homemade chips and salsa is a perfect combination.  You have something that will sustain their appetites and something else to snack on if the game goes into overtime.

So whatever team you are cheering on this Fall or whomever you are entertaining, use these tips to ensure a good time.  If you are hosting a football party and need some ideas, send me an email and I will be glad to help you out!

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