I was walking through the grocery store the other day and happened upon the bakery section.  I could not believe how much they sell a 9 inch round cake with simple frosting-$12.99!  Yikes!  This peeked my interest so I swung by the frozen foods isle.  One small frozen square cake-$5.99.  So of course, I wanted to compare prices and see how I could make it myself and save.  I went down the flour/cake isle of the grocery store and here is what I found:

Box of cake mix: $1.49

Frosting (pre-made): $1.99

Total: $3.48

Yes, making the cake may take a little while and it is something that you would have to schedule into your day or week, but making it yourself shows that special someone that you really do care, plus saving as much as $10 isn’t too bad either!  Usually, cake mixes can make a double layer cake, 9 x 13 inch cake, or even cupcakes.  Plus there are so many differen types of cakes out there that you can really customize your cake to whomever will be eating it.  The options are really up to you and if you make it yourself- you can take all the credit!

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