With another holiday quickly approaching, many people are asked to bring side items to the dinner. Most families probably have their traditions of who brings what- everything from main course to dessert. If you fall somewhere in the middle, like I do, you may get to bring a little appetizer. This year I am bringing the vegetable tray. Now, that may seem really easy- run into the store- pick up one of those pre-made store ready ones and pay over $10.00- ya, right- that is NOT me. I can’t believe how expensive those trays can be and honestly once you bring them home, the celery is usually brown, the carrots are turning white, and they give you enough broccoli to turn green. Not my idea of yummy.

So if you are like me, why don’t you just make it yourself. This week’s grocery ad let me buy a bag of pre-washed baby carrots for a dollar. I bought a bag of celery for $1.50, two red peppers for $0.89 each, and three cucumbers for one dollar as well. So I bought 4 different vegetables (just like the pre-made one in the store) for $5.28. A bottle of ranch dressing or a pre-made vegetable dip might set me back about $2.00.

The point is, when you make it yourself-you save. When YOU pick the vegetables- you know they are fresh. If your family doesn’t like raw broccoli-you don’t have to get it! You can get other items like peppers. A little rinsing and cutting of some vegetables doesn’t take much time and you can assemble it right when you get to your destination. No food will go to waste and you can keep the cost down.

What item are you always asked to bring to your family events? I would love to hear about them!

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