In our family, we have a lot of birthdays and celebrations early in the new year. I love to surprise my family members, co-workers, and friends with something a little special for their birthdays.

In the past, I have made a co-worker a double layer chocolate cake for her birthday, made my sister-in-law 30 chocolate truffles for her 30th birthday, and my dad a German chocolate cake for his birthday.

Now, I could have went with the e-card note and email or just a phone call, but I really thought about something else I could do that was inexpensive and thoughtful. You would be surprised as to the reaction you will get. It seems like now, people don’t go that extra mile and it doesn’t have to be a mile, just an extra step or two.

You get the point, whether you are celebrating a birthday, retirement, a new baby, or just hanging out with a group of friends, think about something special that you could make that would make their day. If you need an idea or some inspiration, send a comment or an email and I would love to help you out the best I can!

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