I am obsessed with the spoonula, aren’t you?  I mean it is perfect.  Slender, heat resistant up to 400′, a great stirrer/scraper non scratching too.

For this past Christmas, I got three more!  These ones are great- they came in different sizes and a super fun orange color.  I know there are people out there that are just as satisfied using a spatula, but open your eyes people!

Hasn’t just about everyone licked the rest of the brownie batter once in your life?  The spoonula is the perfect tool to help you do so.  Not only does it scrape the batter off the bowl, but the slightly con-caved center gives the mixture the perfect holding spot. If you do not have on of these in your kitchens, go our and get one now!

They are available at most stores.  You can check out the ones I got at Amazon.

Let me know how it has changed you life in the comments section.

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