I know that I am not the only one out there who looks at their significant other and asks, “What you do want to eat?”  Only to hear the response, “I don’t know, what about you?”  It is a never ending game of- let’s not make a decision.  Time is so precious; why spend your night mulling over dinner choices?  It could already have been decided, if you were to read over BFC Benefits – Planning Your Meals.

Planning your meals is something that I fully believe in and I have to.  Why?  Because it SAVES ME TIME!  Sitting down one afternoon a month for 10-20 minutes is nothing compared to the time I would waste each night just deciding what to cook.  Each night when I get home for work- or even better, before I go to work- I can check the menu, see what we are having and take anything out to thaw that I need to.  It is great!  Then, after my long day- the chicken is ready to go, all I have to do it cook and dinner is served.

Another great time saving tip is once you have your meals planned, you can do any prep work of veggies, etc.. the night before or all in one day.  Then you can just open up the fridge and grab what you need- no prep!  How great is that?

Planning your weekly menu, prepping anything you can beforehand, and just sticking to your plan all all great reasons why budget friendly cooking helps saves us time!

Tell me about what you do to help save time in the kitchen!

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