So recently people I have bumped into are really complimentary of the site- so THANKS for all the great feedback.  One thing that they are asking for are some quick lunch ideas.  I know it is very hard to get into the routine of making and preparing dinner and then using the leftovers right away the next day.  There are a lot of people who don’t even like leftovers.  So, more people want simple, quick fix, budget friendly lunches.  Here are some of my favorite lunches to make:

1-Tortillas with ____ (fill in the blank).  I enjoy going to the store, getting some different kinds of lunch meats and cheeses and filling them up.  You could do a ham and cheese wrap with honey Dijon mustard.  Try roast beef with pepper jack cheese and lettuce.  You could go all veggie or create your own.  Right now, you probably have ranch dressing, some mustard, mayo, and a few veggies laying around waiting for you to create your perfect wrap.  Plus, they make so many flavored wraps it is incredible! 

2-Tuna fish on wheat bread.  I love making tuna.  It is light and super affordable.  I add a little onion and celery to mine with about a tablespoon or two of mayo and there you have it. 

3-Grilled chicken salads.  I LOVE lettuce!  I would eat it for every meal.  I love grilling up some chicken the night before, letting it cool, and then shredding it up and placing it in my salad for the next day.  Here again you can go crazy- add some veggies or even toss in some croutons or even cheese.  It is a healthy meal full of the protein you need to help you make it through the afternoon.

I hope these little hints get your mind going and makes your lunches a little bit more enjoyable.  What types of lunches do you like?  What do you wish you ate more of… I would love to hear from you!

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