A lot of people were confused about the weekly menu I posted. Why didn’t I ever include recipes for all those meals?  For a couple of reasons actually.
First off, the menu was designed to give you an idea of some things that you could cook for the week. They were pretty basic menu ideas that didn’t require a lot of time. Secondly, I am not a chef. I just like to cook. The items were just something that you could throw together or get a recipe from a cookbook in your cupboard, your mom, or from online. They were menu items that I make (a lot) and we eat- pretty normal food….
You will still see the “menu” as a feature on BFC; it just isn’t going to be a highlight. It will be posted on the sidebar. I hope this lessens the confusion, but still gives those that need it, some help and guidance to quick, easy, and budget friendly meals.