For those of you who have ever ventured and created their own blog, these are some of the very first words you see. It is kind of scary thinking and secretly hoping that the whole world will see this.  But alas, here I am anyway.  Hello World, my name is Katie, it is very nice to meet you!

I am so excited and nervous about this website.  I love to be in the kitchen creating meals and ideas for the everyday chef, just like myself.  I hope this site becomes a great resource for many of you.  My plan- to post several times a week, to create a weekly menu, and once a week, I will get behind the camera and show you how it is done- all on a budget of course!

Creating basic, delicious, budget-friendly meals seems to be  struggle for so many of us out there.  I am hoping to make that a little easier for you. So come along with me and lets get cookin’!

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