Chopped steak sounds so fancy, but really it is just a big hamburger. It is yummy and reminds us of home.

Ingredients: (Serves 4)
$1.93-1 lb. of ground beef
$0.53-1 cup of gravy
$0.49-1 8 oz can of mushrooms

Total Cost: $2.95 ($0.74 per serving)

Season your ground beef with salt, pepper, and garlic. Shape into four thin patties. Cook in a skillet (we find that a George Foreman type machine works best because it cooks fast and keeps the patties thin) until your desired wellness is achieved.

In the meantime, make gravy and add half of the can of mushrooms. Sautee the other half of the mushrooms in a small skillet for about 3 minutes. This would also be the time to prepare your mashed potatoes- a must have with this dinner. Real or boxed-we don’t care!

Once the patties are cooked, cover with mushrooms. Pour a small amount of gravy over the cooked chopped steak and mushrooms (and your potatoes, of course) and serve with some green beans or broccoli.

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